MSR 145W2D Wireless Datalogger

Brand: MSR
Model: MSR145W2D

Wireless data logger (WiFi) for monitoring temperature, humidity, fluid pressure, air pressure, acceleration, strain gauges and more.


With the new wireless data logger MSR145W2D, virtually any number of metrological applications can be flexibly implemented by integrating it into a WiFi network.

Ready to use in no time

The advantages of wireless radio connections are obvious: No wiring costs, and no time-consuming manual reading of measured values. And: Measured data can also be sent from places with difficult access.

  • Integration either into an existing WiFi or via an access point, by means of mobile network access where required, into a separate wireless network.
  • Even large amounts of data can be transferred quickly to a local server or to the MSR SmartCloud.
  • WiFi range can be extended with a commercially available repeater.

Store measured data locally or in the MSR SmartCloud

The WiFi data logger MSR145W2D can be used either fully localised in your own system, or you use the MSR SmartCloud managed by MSR Electronics GmbH.

  • Retrieve, analyse and export measured data online at any time on your PC, tablet or smartphone.
  • Alarm message if limit value is exceeded.
  • Compatible with

More flexibility when choosing your sensors

The WiFi data logger is an all-round talent winner when it comes to sensor technology: You can choose different internal sensors as well as up to five external sensors or connections, and the Flex-Connector offers the highest possible flexibility. The intelligent plug-in connection facilitates customer-specific adaptation of the desired sensors.