Fluke ii900 Sonic Industrial Imager – Compressed Air Leak detector

Brand: Fluke
Model: ii900

Leaks in compressed air , gas and vacuum systems hit both production uptime and the operations bottom line.

Product Information


This industrial imager (Compressed Air Leak detector) offers a new way to locate issues using sound. 
It is an intuitive, simple to use tool that can isolate the frequency of leaks or vacuums, even in extremely noisy production environments.

A leak location is determined by discerning the direction from which a sound originates by the time delays that occur as the sound passes over an array of microphones. A SoundMap™ is displayed in color over a visual image allowing for easy visual location. With the full array of microphones, it is easy to scan a large area and even capture leaks from a distance.

Finally a better way, quick, simple compressed air, gas and vacuum leak identification.
• Do more with the same air compressors–delay the capital expense of installing an additional compressor
• Ensure proper air pressure to your pneumatic equipment
• Lower energy costs
• Reduce leak detection time
• Improve reliability in your production line
• Make leak detection part of your typical maintenance routine
• Train the team in a matter of minutes
• Validate repairs on the spot